Grokker's direction--very unhealthful cooking classes??
December 10, 2018

I love Grokker and have recommended it to countless people over the years. But concerned with what I'm seeing. Really, fried chicken and mac & cheese recipes and cooking classes? I thought this site was about health? Sure, have plant based cooking classes, people would probably love that and that is in line with your mission, but why encourage people to eat meat and dairy when that consumption is killing people, animals and the climate? If someone can explain how that fits your "be a better you" tag line, I'd love to hear it. Just my suggestion: remove that content. It doesn't belong and I'd hate to think seeing it on grokker makes people think its okay to eat that way, if one is interested in health.

December 13, 2018

Jeanne K Hi Jeanne K. I appreciate your feedback. Our direction is definitely toward "Be a Better You", and all of the content that we have been producing has been toward that goal, including healthy eating.

When Grokker initially started, we offered a wide variety of videos as we were honing in on our specialty. As you've pointed out, some of the cooking videos may not be for the healthiest options. We've considered removing them, but our stats show us that people are still watching them.

If there are any videos in particular that you feel strongly about, please let me know. We can always reevaluate them individually. Thanks!

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