How are you able to practice wellness at work?
Becky Wenzlau, Level 28
August 7, 2014

Nicole Moses I do the same thing! It's amazing how just a little movement will help to pick up your energy levels. I also read this article in the nytimes that taking a walk helps to spur creativity!

Nicole Moses, Level 6
August 7, 2014

Short walks, especially mid-afternoon when the day's activity starts to catch up with me.

Maggie Boege, Level 6
June 6, 2014

Packing Healthy and delicious foods, I also listen to quiet music on my breaks. Yogo streaches and breathing exercises at my desk mid morning and mid afternoon and lastly lot's and lot's of water.

Deborah Holstein, Level 14
May 30, 2014

The Grokker team is fortunate that wellness at work is a company value. And we all use the studio for yoga, meditation or fitness if we aren't filming! Tell me how you can practice wellness at work.

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