What about Dance videos? Like Belly Dance? It´s good to open the Sacral Chakra
Ingrid Firmhofer, Level 48
March 22, 2017

I think that especially Belly Dance has a lot of positive effects. For the lower back, for a feminine way to move, for opening the sacral chakra, etc... Wouldn´t it be a nice idea and a lot of fun to have some videos here on Grokker?
I found this on the web: " I have heard that belly dancing is probably the best physical activity to open up your sacral chakra. Given the pelvic and hip awareness it requires, dancing (and belly dancing in particular) is especially suited to creating emotional and physical awareness of the sacral chakra, our sensuality, femininity, and sexuality. In fact, belly dance was initially practiced for the very purpose of helping women prepare for child birth, it was almost a coming of age ritual allowing young women to discover, love, and appreciate their bodies. According to the Yoga Journalwebsite, asanas or postures that open the hip and inner groins help to balance the sacral chakra. Bound Angle is a yoga posture that stretches the inner groins and stimulates the pelvis and abdomen with a fresh blood supply.
Feelings of guilt, addiction, a lack of self-confidence or sexual energy, and control issues may all be signs of a closed off sacral chakra. Specific physical dysfunctions might include lower back pain, sexual dysfunction, or urinary problems. On the flip-side, if you are over-active, overly emotional, or have control issues your sacral chakra might be on overdrive and you may want to tone it down a little!...." (Wilfred Rawventure Campbell)

Ingrid Firmhofer, Level 48
July 18, 2017

Hi! I am still waiting for an answer. Anyone who would like belly dance classes as well?

marielle keating, Level 17
October 3, 2018

yes please

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