Daily Distractions
Sanket Awtade, Level 9
February 24, 2019

Am very fond of Meditation cymatics generally at 528Hz. One morning I was listening to this Walking Meditation where you need to bring your attention on each foot steps and chant the assigned name to each. Eg: Left/Right. You do this for around 5-10 minutes walking and later you observe that things around you are screaming for your attention like a billboards of advertisement trying to gain your focus on it, shop name plates, posters etc. Our mind's reticular activating system filters unnessary information and allows only data on which you focus on. Imagine in a whole day we see, hear, feel, sense, experience so many distractions in every form. In today's modern world our screen time is higher. Office work on laptop, Phone screen, TV and other interactive screens. Observing such distractions can reduce our stress eventually helps to relax, focus, and improve the performance of mind.

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