Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) guided meditations
Ataraxi Omity, Level 35
January 8, 2023

Seconded! I would love to see more content on EFT tapping guided meditations. So effective for me and my mental health needs. Helps with cPTSD symptoms especially! :)

October 10, 2022

Have you thought about get a metronome? You don't even have to by one you can pull one up on the computer and play during your meditation. It's a great way to help focus during a meditation.
That being said during any meditation you should also acknowlege your drifting thoughts, state what the throught was then return back to the meditation. Our minds have a lot in them and it is almost impossible to keep them from drifting. By acknowledging the drift away from the meditation you are able to recognize it and focus back on the meditation. In many ways the Metronome may even help with this.
But it too can be distraction. When I use a noise to help focus whether it be music, drums, nature, or tapping/metronome I keep it at a low volume and sometimes even low enough to barely be audiable. However, occassionly I have turned up the volume on drums or a recording of a heartbeat during meditation. I found it really relaxing to drown out all other noise around mean except that drumbeat or heatbeat as my focus during the meditation.
Another option is Binural Beats. You can find apps on your phone that will play them. You can set the 'Base Frequency' which can play a very low tone or high tone depending on what you prefer. It is a consistent beat similar to what occurs with a metronome. The App I have can change the beat from Alpha to Gamma waves beats up to 50HZ. The Base Frequency can go from 20 to 1500hz. Though 1500 on any wave gives me a headache. LOL. Most of the time I enjoy the very low tone wave beat as a moderate base frequency.

Gregory Granberry, Level 8
May 23, 2022

I agree and hope this will spur change and looking into it. How did you learn the techniques? Was there a good book to get you started or was it some one? I have some one that teaches this that i could use but would love for it show up on grokker because of its free through work resources.

Nicola Blackie, Level 29
February 28, 2022

I've been using EFT or tapping meditations for a while and find that they really help to keep my mind focused when doing a meditation. Otherwise I end up drifting off and thinking of other things when I am trying to meditate. It would be great to see some EFT sesssions added to the Grokker website.

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