is anyone else missing drum circles gatherings, what are your stay at home drumming resources, for inspiration and meditation
Alice Pappas, Level 21

I've been praying, dancing, and drumming to the spirit
my heart beats externally
i gather myself into the earth's folds
and whisper on her horizon

cleanse me
with your down beat

i soar in the updraft of the beating drums vibrations
i call to the eagle
and it beckons me to follow

poem inspired by the drumming music : Prayer for the Four Directions, David and Steve Gordon

Alice Pappas, Level 21

feeling the drums today, sharing another instant poem, just write/journal what you feel ..where the music/drums take you ...and share


I’m in awe
Ecstasy of soul flying
Without wing to harness its freedom
Without temptations of land
I am free on the horizon to be seen by the sun
The sky is unending
The earth glows small
I drift in all directions
I flow in the haze
Of a million sun dogs drooling

poem inspired by the drumming music Waves of Bliss, David and Steve Gordon

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