What is the Quality of observation
Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
October 17

A lot of questions these days that related to mind revolves around how to become more mindful, how to become more calm, how to become more aware etc. Along those lines comes different videos, trainings about how to meditate in order to achieve these higher states of mind. But I would like to question it asking is there a way to cultivate mindfulness or realizing that ones mind is heavily conditioned, confused, stressed causing decipation of energy, how does one negate these issues. By dealing with the issues can one come about a state of mind where there is a complete different quality that comes into being? To find that out one should understand what it is to observe ?

To begin with how to observe ones consicousness? Isn't me a collection of all my consciousness (as a whole). How I see, How I listen, How I feel etc etc. If so, then how are we carrying it out everyday? If life is a movement of consciousness, isn't ones mind active throughout concluding, translating in its own term? Imagine seeing an astonishingly beautiful mountain - what happens. The view fills our consciousness for a brief moment and immediately mind comes in to play defining that moment, saying you have gained this marvelous experience, how can we keep getting this everyday - isn't it? In doing so the mind starts to operate but not the actual seeing.

Above applies the same for all aspect of consciousness so there is no life in it which is why often times life feels empty. Then we go after different practices to stop mind and wanting to keep that conscious state active throughout the life ( Basically to live the life). Clearly seeing things with mind makes ones consciousness dull, dead, stale etc. So next comes the obvious question, how to observe? Is observation itself has the quality to reveal the truth about life - Yes it does. It is practically easy to observe through senses as it is but how to observe ones mind ?? MEDIATION IS TO OBSERVE THOUGHT (BASIC UNIT/ENTITY OF MIND) AS IT IS WHICH ALLOWS TO GO DEEPER TO THE ROOT OF IT. UNDERSTAND THE ROOT EMOTIONS OF FEAR, PAIN, SECURITY, DESIRE, PLEASURE. Stay with the thought without any movement, without any conclusion observe it as if you would see a diamond because what you see if the nature of human mind as a whole not just yours. Feel the responsibility that you are dealing with the suffering that billions of humans in past, present and future go through everyday. Open your heart to transform yourself to free from the degrading society that our minds have created by division.

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