September 29

How to be keep relaxeful mind for all time?

Vasanthakumar Kannathasan, Level 20
Vasanthakumar Kannathasan
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Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
Vasanth Jeyaraj0 points
October 16

Vasanthakumar Kannathasan - You are your mind. Mind plays a trick by separating that which is from that which observes. So ones mind gets the feeling, after going through an emotion or thought process that I should cherish or stop this thought. But in reality that thought itself is true. The mind creates this thought of self and detaches itself from its own thought. Just observe each thought without any condemation. Instead of saying how to stop, how to attain, just observe your thought as it is and realize what is the root of that thought. The roots of our human mind such as desire, fear, conclusion have created this society. I am the society and society is in me.

Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
Vasanth Jeyaraj0 points
October 12

To attain a specific state of mind all the time is an illusion. To reach a state and stay at the state would mean a destination, a non-moving state. Life is a constant movement without affilication to any specific emotion or experience

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