Why Modern Yogi's Lift Weights

What if, through yoga you could reach your fitness goals? We all know that the way our body appearance is has a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves. There is too much pressure on young men and women to have these perfect, long strong bodies, which is simply unhealthy to chase such perfection. We obsessively focus on cardio routines that burn fat, weight routines that build muscle to sculpt and tone, and worry too much about what we put in our mouths. Modern society sucks us into to an unhealthy lifestyle of body obsession. What if there was a practice that fulfilled all of your needs- body and mind? We want to look good and feel good on the outside and inside right?

This feeling of looking and feeling good inside and out is a positive RESULT of the Yoga with Weights practice. Yoga keeps the mind happy and balanced- and teaches you to balance other areas in your life as well. By adding weights into your practice you begin to receive the physical benefits naturally, without obsessing over your body image!

What is it?

Do you love yoga and want to use your routine to not only strengthen your mind and body- but sculpt it too? A flowing yoga with dumbbells routine builds beautiful long, lean muscles and sculpts your body in 3 weeks! Yoga transforms lives the way working out on its own cannot. Adding weights develops a discipline and unique mind-body connection. Combine both together- and achieve overall physical fitness, mental strength, and spiritual connection.

What are the benefits?

Within 3 weeks this type of exercise builds core stability, increases bone density and sky rockets your balance! Develop your flexibility and keep muscles and joints limber, sharpen your mental focus and concentration, fire up your metabolism and assist with weight management goals.

How do I get started?

Get started with this more holistic fitness fusion right away! If you are a beginner, check out if any local studios offer a yoga class with weights, or seek private instruction. If you are an avid practitioner of yoga, check out a guided video and invest in a very light set of dumbbells!