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Jeanne K, Level 113
December 17, 2022

I've used Grokker for many years. I love the concept and have recommended Grokker to countless people. One thing I've seen recently has me questioning all that, and that's the food giving "wellness minutes" for eating meat, deep fried foods, etc. Here's a prime example:

Deep fried, multiple meats in one dish. This is on a wellness site. Really? Is there a dish that is more damaging to the planet and people's bodies than this? This is the stuff that lands people in the ER short term and if you eat this way long term you will not enjoy a high quality of life. Then, the implications on the rest of the world and the climate.....!

To have this on a health site just blows me away.

To me you are simply encouraging eating for fun with zero regard for personal health or the planet. I could see this on a Diners and Dives site if that exists, or some mass market site given the obesity stats, but on a health site? What is going on at Grokker? If employers are paying for their team to use this, you are encouraging obesity and extremely bad health habits here.

I'm going to look for another option, but posting this here because I'd be really really curious about the management decisions occuring that resulted in these content choices that appear to be the complete opposite of what this site espouses to promote. Does this not bother anyone else who uses and likes this website?

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