Yoga "progression?" over time
Elaine Fox, Level 82
March 31, 2020

Martin Wood, Great game plan. This really helps!

Martin Wood, Level 11
March 30, 2020

Hi Elaine,

Practice and consistency is key!

I feel that achieving proper form even if it involves mastering a modification is a priority and repetition definitely helps you get there as you gain muscle memory and improve mobility.

That said, I would also say that doing the yoga that brings you enjoyment is also important in keeping you consisitently making it to the mat. That is a the hardest challenge for beginners including myself and I encourage you to try different styles of yoga (yin, power, vinyasa, restorative etc...).

I personally like to intuitively program my workouts based off how I am feeling:

Everyday >> Vinyasa (flow)
Stressed out/tired >> Restorative
Aches and pain >> Yin
Feeling anxious from quarantine >> Power

Elaine Fox, Level 82
March 23, 2020

When I have worked out in the past, the focus was on repetition over time. So, if I added a new exercise, I would try to do it a couple of times a week to let my body learn how to do it better. I am not hearing the same focus on repeating things so I can learn to do them better, deeper stretches, etc. However, I have only been doing beginner yoga for 3 weeks, so maybe I'm just missing something. How should I be using yoga programs and classes over the long term? What should be my game plan? TIA

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