What is Gentle Yoga?

The glory of gentle yoga, is that it is appropriate for all levels and ages of practitioners. Gentle yoga does not necessarily mean that it is an easy class. While the intensity may be lower, the focus and commitment are high.
Gentle yoga classes move at a steady pace, slowly cycling though a series of floor based or seated asanas. Though you can expect a few standing poses, you'll spend the majority of class on your mat. Many older yogis find satisfaction in their gentle yoga process as they age.

How is gentle yoga different from regular yoga?

Gentle yoga is a variation of the hatha tradition of yoga. It was created to be accessible to all types of students, and to support their mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Gentle yoga seeks to provide therapeutic modifications to common yoga poses. This form of yoga helps increase mobility and flexibility in a slow well rounded approach.

Practice gentle yoga at home

Gentle yoga is an easy form of yoga to practice at home. You’ll need a yoga mat, a clear space, and a few uninterrupted minutes. If you choose to modify the poses, you’ll also want to make sure you have a block (you can substitute with soup cans or books), and a bolster or pillow. Just 15 minutes in the morning, evening or whenever you can will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed, connected with your body, and and streached.

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