July 16, 2017

Does grokker chrome cast?

Sabrina Napolitano
Sabrina Napolitano
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Loren Enochson
Loren Enochson41 points
July 17, 2017

Hi Sabrina, I would be happy to help.

How to stream from Chromecaset:
1. Go to your WiFi settings on your laptop or Android device
2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that matches your Chromecast device. Look for something like ChromecastXXXX.
3. Navigate back to the Google Cast app. Your device should now be detected. Touch Next.
4. Log-in to your Grokker account
5. Select a video and press play
6. Click the Chromecast icon on the bottom right of the video

It will appear on the bottom right of the video box.

Hope this helps! If you need further assistance of any kind please reach out to us via email at support@grokker.com


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