March 13, 2019

How can I delete my previous selected videos and start fresh?

Phyllis Durdella, Level 12
Phyllis Durdella
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Debbie Coldiron, Level 53
Debbie Coldiron127 points
March 13, 2019

Hi Phyllis Durdella. Are you referring to videos that are saved under "Watch Later"? If so, you can delete each of these videos individually. Please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to "My Profile" and select "Watch Later".
2. Click on the video that you would like to delete.
3. Once this video is brought up, you will see "Saved" on the lower left of the video. Click on that.
4. "Saved" will now change to "Later", indicating it is no longer saved to watch.
5. Repeat these steps for all videos that you would like removed from your "Watch Later" list.

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