January 20, 2019

I need to see the full title of the video so that I may make a choice. If there a way to show a llist view?

Sandy Brown, Level 24
Sandy Brown
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Debbie Coldiron, Level 48
Debbie Coldiron126 points
January 22, 2019

Hi Roy Brown. Where are you trying to find the full title of the video? Is there a particular screen you are going to? Or are you asking for a list view of all the video titles without the video images also showing?

I can give you a way to find all the videos, including full title, but this list will show the video image. And, depending on your search, you may have to scroll through a few screens to see all of your options. Unfortunately, there is not a way to just have a list view of all our videos.

To find the titles of videos, first select the top topic of "Yoga", "Fitness", "Cooking", or "Mind". And then select a subtopic. On the screen that is displayed, select "More Options" so that you may narrow down your search. The list that appears will show you the title of the videos that meet your criteria, plus will indicate how popular they are and the length of the video.

Does this get you where you need to be? Is there something else you are looking for?

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