December 20, 2017

What is the right sequence to do Yoga as a beginner. I went through 2 of the beginner sessions. Do I just keep doing this? Or is there like some right sequence here?

Premduth Vidyanandan
Premduth Vidyanandan
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Sweet Demise
Sweet Demise26 points
December 28, 2017

Hello Premduth Vidyanandan! Completing an entire program by a particular instructor is often (in my opinion) a good way to start. Why? Because although the fundamentals of each yoga pose remain the same, each instructor has a different way of delivering it - choice of cues. Therefore, sticking to the same instructor series in the beginning, helps you focus more on the physical aspects of the practice. Hence getting you familiar with the poses quicker.

But once you are seasoned, which you seem to be, then there is "no particular sequence of videos to follow!" You can dive right into it. Pick any video-from any series-by any instructor that you feel like doing that day. Grokker has an amazing selection of videos offered by very talanted instructors. I have learnt that each instructor has something unique and valuable to offer. At least in my case, I have found to learn and advance more when opening myself to different platforms. Just make sure to select your fitness level in the search menu - beginner, intermediate, or advance. That way you get a choice of videos close to your skill level.

I will be happy to make suggestions should you need it.

Enjoy exploring!!!

Thanked by Premduth
Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron70 points
December 21, 2017

Hi Premduth Vidyanandan. Great question. What I would recommend is joining one of our yoga programs. These are guided programs that last for a week to three weeks, and they will select the correct sequence of sessions for you. Check out: Also, starting on Jan 2nd, we have several challenges taking place, one of which is a yoga challenge. From your home screen, select "view challenges" and you will see the yoga one on the bottom right. That would be a great thing for you to join! If you need additional assistance, please let us know.

Premduth Vidyanandan
Premduth Vidyanandan0 points
December 20, 2017

I did do the Celeste (30 days) and Siri (2 week) series and they were great. Wondering what is next..

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