Fostering Mindfulness Series

Discover an abundance of inner peace. This five part series on fostering mindfulness will teach you the simple, yet attentive presence necessary for understanding mindfulness and skillfully bringing the practice into all your relationships. Learn alongside Grokker Meditation Expert Davidji in this guided meditation series and gain a deeper anchor into your personal power and honest self. Invite inner acceptance, patience, awareness, intention, and essence meditations into your daily life.

Guided Meditation: Acceptance

1. Fostering Mindfulness: Inner Acceptance

Begin with an exploration of inner acceptance as the avenue for living harmoniously with outer conditions. Whether in respect to family, money, career, or community. We will begin with our relationship to ourselves, inhabiting self appreciation more deeply to fully embrace your life.

Guided Meditation: Patience

2. Fostering Mindfulness: Patience

Unearth the quality of patience as the roots of your meditation practice. The process of inner acceptance requires thoughtful self inquiry in each moment of reactivity. Take your meditation deeper in this grounding practice by harboring inner acceptance as you cultivate patience. Even when the mind leads you astray or emotion gets the best of you, there is always an opportunity to stay steady within.

Guided Meditation: Awareness and Gratitude

3. Fostering Mindfulness: Awareness and Gratitude

Witness the architecture of thought. Begin with steady presence grounded in the roots of self acceptance, then surrender to the sacred quality of each moment by awakening gratitude. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? Discover greater awareness of your connection to your own heart center, and the purity of deep appreciation for that which creates meaning in your life.

Guided Meditation: Intention

4. Fostering Mindfulness: Setting Intention

Find a greater sense of clarity in both your inner and outer life. Bring intention to the forefront of your mind, and create the space to breathe intention directly into your heart center. As you witness this potent inner work, you’ll discover a simple path for directly manifesting your dreams.

Guided Meditation: Essence

5. Fostering Mindfulness: The Essence of Meditation

Merge with the divine. Observe each ripple of thought and emotion as it flows from you to the world, and from the world back into you. Notice the subtleties of the profound relationship your sacred presence has with the universe. Appreciate the self and the practice by allowing your full experience to be observed in meditation. Nothing should be excluded. As thoughts or emotions arise, let the come, and let them go.