As you develop your yoga asana practice I encourage you to keep track of your unique exploration in a journal. Recording the experience of being consciously in your body and connected to your heart brings power and maybe even a little magic to this thing we call life.

Read on for 3 of the best reasons to start your own yoga journal.

1. Write it down, reflect, and then let it go!

Feeling stressed, anxious, confused or angry after class? There is synchronicity between mind and body and strong emotions lie dormant in our tissues – just as hunched shoulders reflect depression, tight hips are often linked to old relationship pains. Twisting, hip opening, and back bending can cause subconscious but very real feelings to surface. Put pen to paper and you will create some space between you and those thoughts. As you separate from them you recognize they are simply feelings and not your identity. Both good and bad thoughts come and go. As we write, we learn how to detach from our inevitable tides of thought, a process which allows us to ride our emotional waves into a space of clarity and contentedness.

2. Stuck in a rut? Inspire yourself by looking to your past.

Ruts arrive in many forms - injuries, emotional blocks, a tricky asana you cannot seem to master, etc. With your yoga journal you have access to the highlight reel of your past triumphs. Flip through the worn journal pages to see the faded writing of a yogi who has practiced with heart, discipline, and ultimately learned and developed from the inside out. See all that you’ve already overcome to recognize the strength and resilience you always have accessible to you.

3. You are your true teacher.

I like to end my classes by having my students acknowledge their own teacher within. Sometimes we can forget to recognize the existence of this internal guide when our minds become clouded with fears that never manifest and past memories that we cannot change. Writing helps us filter through chaos and limited mindsets to connect to our ever present wisdom. By logging ups and downs of your yoga journey you can find a path to clarity and to your inner wisdom that exists in the space of love, compassion, and joy.

Does that all sound great but you’re still left with the question, “How do I begin?” Stay tuned for my follow up post – Simple Tips to Begin a Yoga Journal.