Live with Awareness and an Attitude of Gratitude

Life’s way too short and precious to obsess about what’s missing from your life or fret over that which is not perfect. Instead, it is far better to live in a state of conscious awareness and have an attitude of gratitude for all of your gifts, qualities and talents.

When I say “attitude” of gratitude, I think it’s just a cool way to say that you need to “practice” being grateful. This means that you are consistently being mindful of and thankful for everything that is good in your life. Consciously practicing gratitude enables you to be gentle with yourself, especially when you don’t get everything done or things don’t go your way.

Practice patience, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness

It can be really difficult to stay positive and be grateful, especially when you are right in the middle of really tough challenges. Life can be hard, and not every moment will be pleasant. However, even our most challenging experiences can provide profound lessons and illuminate our most precious gifts. It’s important to practice patience, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness toward yourself and others, especially when you’re in a funk or when your ego (the hustler) is resisting you. When you are aware and practicing gratitude, there is no room for anger, bitterness and judging.

Acknowledge and appreciate the good things and your successes

If you are not living with awareness, the minutes, hours, days and weeks can fly right by. You can easily go for months or years without recognizing, appreciating and being grateful for your efforts, your successes and the gifts that you enjoy in your life.

Meditate Daily

Meditation will help you live mindfully, in a state of conscious awareness, particularly when you are dealing with challenging emotions, feelings and thoughts. You will be able to rest your mind in open awareness and find a measure of peace and calm in any chaotic experience. You will be more focused, more at peace, and you will be better prepared to deal with any situation in a mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and balanced way.

Bring Yourself back to Mindfulness

Living in a state of conscious awareness and valuing all of your positive attributes and the good work you are doing is a big part of being part of practicing awareness and being gratitude, and all of this is kind of like setting bricks in mortar. You set one brick at a time, and eventually you have built a solid structure like a wall or a building.

Every time you take the time to be aware of and grateful for all of the good things in your life, you set another brick into the foundation of your self-worth, and you are in doing some seriously solid work for the evolution of your soul.