Living as a Modern Yogi

Modern Yogis Learn to Live Their Lives

You may wear fancy brand-name yoga gear that draws attention! You may fix your hair or make up before yoga class! You may treat yourself to expensive material things! You may enjoy pizza and ice cream sometimes! You may be a yoga teacher who promotes all over the Internet!

Modern Yogis Learn to Live Their Practice

You take time to UNDERSTAND the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your yoga practice. You learn to always be self-reflective and live MINDFULLY. Understanding that Yoga is a part of life’s JOURNEY is key- it is much more than on your mat! Taking the principles you learn on your mat and applying them to life’s challenges is important.

Mdoern Yogis Respect Others

You understand each person must choose his own path, and learn the lesson life presents to you as a unique individual. You cannot choose for another person, you cannot convince anyone into submission of your views. Let yourself and others find their own destiny's in the world.

Modern Yogis Know the True Definition of Yoga

You understand the meaning of Yoga is the realization of the eternal self, which is beyond the physical body. The goal of Yoga is Yoga itself. Yoga is union and uniting with the divine self. You understand this before setting your intentions as physical.

Modern Yogis Seek to Learn and Apply

You enjoy the experience of all yoga has to offer- the physical styles, the beliefs, the traditions, the lifestyle! You know you are a special and unique individual. You apply what works for you in your practice and in your life. You let yourself grow, adapt, and believe!