The Secret Ingredient is Non-Attachment to the Outcome

The super-duper-secret to manifesting your dreams, enjoying healthy relationships, practicing meditation, and many other things in life is detachment from, or non-attachment to, the result.

Some people think that meditation might be some kind of freaky activity that messes with your head or causes you to be oddly different from normal people, but none of this is true. Meditation simply opens your heart and mind to the beauty of what you already have, and this awareness is the essence of meditation. So how does meditation work exactly? Here are a few of the ways.

In most cases, you can’t control all of the variables or the outcome of events in your life. Non-attachment to the outcome simply means that you do your best, moving from a place of clear intention, without attachment to the outcome. If you find yourself attaching to the outcome, then you need to detach or drop your attachment from the result.

Don’t confuse or equate the concept of non-attachment to not caring about the result. They are not the same thing. Detaching from the outcome doesn’t mean that you don’t set goals or care about the results. It is simply your recognition that you can’t always control all of the variables and the outcome. Your job is to put in all of the preparation and effort, and then just enjoy the journey for what it is.

Great athletes, actors and other performers prepare as much as they can, give their best effort, and then they try to block out the high stakes of their performance, or how many millions of people are watching, or the impact of a performance on their salary, career and legacy. That’s just way too much pressure! If a basketball free-throw shooter started thinking about all of that stuff, before shooting a shot that would win or lose the game, he’d probably chuck up an air-ball.

You know how this works. When you have a kung-fu grip on the outcome, your vibrational energy is often extremely heavy, negative, desperate, clingy and resentful, and it is just way too hard to operate at peak performance, when you are lugging around all of that baggage. When you detach from the outcome, you can just focus on the task at hand, and accept the result, knowing that you did everything you could do to succeed. That’s the way to live.

When you are truly flowing in sync with your soul, you know you are worthy of your dreams and trust that good things are coming your way. When things don’t go as planned, you release the kung-fu grip on the outcome, and accept the flow of life with grace and ease. You don’t get angry or depressed at the outcome, in ways that keep you from moving on with your life. Instead of freaking out when everything doesn’t happen exactly as you have planned, you trust that things always work out as they are supposed to.

You set your clear intentions, take purposeful action, work hard, have faith in yourself, and you let go of your attachment to the result. This lightness keeps you in a positive vibrational energy flow, and you are far along on the journey for the evolution of your soul.