Yoga Headlines for Women

We do a lot of reading here at Grokker and thought we’d share a few of the Yoga-related headlines that we found interesting this week. Enjoy!

1. I Couldn’t Find That Line Between Passion and Obsession

How Eileen Fisher found balance between her business and her family through yoga, meditation and lots of self-reflection. Start your own mindfulness practice with davidji, world renowned author, speaker, and lead educator at the Chopra Center.

2. The 3-minute Yoga Routine to Fire Up Your Mornings

Even 3 minutes can start your work day off with a big energy boost. Try these energizing yoga workouts for a pick-me-up any time of day .

3. Ladies, Learn to Love Your Yoga

“A yoga practice can provide women with both obvious and unexpected benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga can help women find physical and emotional balance, as well as self-acceptance.” Choose from a selection of yoga for women’s health including practices for Hormone Balance, Fertility, and Divine Feminine Power.

4. 5 Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

“Cathy Louise Broda Broda has found five positions that are especially helpful for relieving pregnancy pains as well as stretching the body to make room for the growing baby. An added bonus? Many of these positions are great, reliable methods to cope with pain and discomforts during labor.” Learn more Pre-natal poses to benefit you and your baby .

5. How Yoga Made Me a Better Parent

“Our home became a quiet place, full of love and caring. Gone were the bickering, fighting, selfishness and angst. By infusing our yoga practice into our parenting, we had found a way to help our children deal with life on a more authentic and original level.” See how to do yoga for kids.