What are Grokker members up to in the Northeast?

Folks in the Midwest are faithful followers of yoga and meditation. For Midwesterners, maintaining mental wellness is equally as important as maintaining physical health.

Meet Grokker members in the Midwest

Cassi Schmigotzki

Cassi Schmigotzki of Indianapolis knows that wellness is important because if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your family.

In March of 2013 this mother, wife, and purchaser for the aerospace industry took her wellness by the reigns and signed up for a diabetes prevention study. She started her journey at 250 pounds and after 15 months through a combination of Weight Watcher, Grokker videos, exercise and healthy eating she hit her goal weight of 140 pounds in March 2015.

Today Cassi feels better, has more energy, and is keeping the weight off by walking during her lunch hour. She’s also taking steps to become a wellness coach to help others with body image, feeding themselves in a healthy way, and getting into exercise.

Gayle Greene

Gayle Greene is a 60 year old yoga enthusiast living in Oklahoma City. Gayle is always looking to improve herself, and has found Grokker to be helpful in leading a healthier life. She feels healthy when she exercises, when she’s part of a group, and when her mind, body, and soul are all balanced.

A nurse for many years, Gayle will be retiring this summer and is contemplating working towards her yoga teacher training. This summer she will be taking care of her mother after she undergoes a knee replacement, and looks forward to teaching her some chair yoga.

As a nurse, Gayle has seen countless patients and knows the dedication and effort it takes to make healthy lifestyle changes. She remarks that you must work hard, look at your goal, and ignore any rubbish that may come up.

This summer Gayle is looking forward to spending time with her mother in Colorado, and enjoying the beautiful river front of Oklahoma City!