What are Grokker members up to in New England?

Our friends in New England are finding ways to get outside now that winter finally melted away. New Englanders are embracing cardio workouts, abs and core exercises, and working on their flexibility to stay well this summer.

Meet Grokker members in the New England

Amy Capobianco

Amy Capobianco discovered fitness for the first time at 18 when she went to her first group exercise class. She had always been slim, but during the class was blown away by the fitness of the older women in the class. She realized then that skinny doesn’t mean healthy, and decided to become certified to teach her own fitness classes. Now as a group fitness teacher she loves when someone comes to class for the first time, she praises them for starting the first step on their journey and quickly partners them up.

Amy teaches 6th grade at the local middle school which her son attends. Within her community she’s enjoyed seeing how the importance of wellness has permeated through the schools. She sees that when the kids are excited about being physically and emotionally healthy, the parents want to participate as well.

Amy’s husband used to own a fitness club in their hometown, and they met when she taught classes there. Amy loves to use Grokker at home, and also suggests that all of her fitness clients use it when they can’t make it to class. Today wellness is still incredibly important to their family life. Both Amy and her daughter teach yoga, and now that the weather is nice the family loves to ride bikes together outside. This summer they plan to take their boat out to Block Island for several weekend trips. Using Grokker, Amy is able to bring her wellness on the go; she brings her iPad and workout clothes and streams the videos from the deck of the boat.