7 Baby & Toddler Food Desserts Recipes

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Running out of ideas and recipes to feed your lovely children? Tired of the usual spaghetti and pizza recipes for your kids? Looking for healthy fun dishes to cook with your children? This is the place to be.How To Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
1. How To Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
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Who doesn't love a good old fashioned ice-cream sandwich? The sky's the limit when it comes to different cookie, ice cream and topping combos you could experiment with. This simple dessert really is the perfect treat for your whole family or a fun way to end a dinner party. So what are you waiting for?
2. Fresh Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops
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Summer's here and what better treat to give your kids (or enjoy yourself!) on a hot day than a perfectly delicious Popsicle? These healthy pops are made with fresh berries and yogurt...they're cold, creamy and delicious!
3. Chocolate Cream Cookies
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A lovely deep chocolate flavor. A buttery crisp texture. And a delicious buttery sweet cream filling. That is a Chocolate Cream Cookie. This is a sandwich cookie at its best. I must say, they are highly addictive. And while the kids may want to dunk theirs in a tall glass of cold milk, I prefer mine with a strong cup of coffee.
4. Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
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I've got four words for you...Chocolate Banana Ice Cream! Who doesn't love Ice Cream? Exactly. Here is a easy, simple, and healthy recipe to make with your kids that they will absolutely love!
5. Homemade Marshmallows Perfect For Kids
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Have you noticed that marshmallows have gone gourmet? No longer do we have to content ourselves with those tasteless cylinder-shaped white blobs that come in a plastic bag. Oh, I know as kids we loved their spongy texture and sweet flavor. And who can deny how perfect they were for making rice crispy squares or S'mores. But for eating on their own, nothing compares to the sweet vanilla scented airiness of homemade marshmallows. You will find that once you start making your own there is no going back.
6. Easy Cake Pops Recipe
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Try this easy to follow on how to make Delicious and colorful Cake Pops. It's great for your kids and as a party snack.
7. Lemonade Fruit Popsicles
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The Summer heat can be exhausting. Chill out with this easy, fun and healthy recipe that your kids will love!
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