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Tarah Valenti, Level 11
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Tarah ValentiRegistered Dietitian - Certified Bone Densitometrist - San Francisco, CAPersonal MissionTo be the guiding light for people to change their health in a sustainable, efficient & enjoyable way, and make a healthy lifestyle work in any life situation.Unique Specialty(1) Body composition optimization for performance, longevity or aesthetic goals. (2) Nutrition optimization for better overall health, energy, and vitality.Other PassionsI love long-distance running, hiking and swimming in the ocean. I also like to think of myself as a pizza connoisseur!Websitehttps://www.tarahvennrd.com/
Tarah a registered dietitian located in the Bay Area, California. Her approach to nutrition is a marriage between love for science and passion for facilitating personal growth. Using an evidence-based approach, Tarah strives to dispel the myths of popular nutrition media, and to create customized nutrition and wellness plans that are both realistic and effective. She believes that we can all unveil a brighter, happier self with the power of nutrition.READ FULL BIO
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Registered Dietitian
Bachelor of Science, Dietetics San Francisco State University
Certified Bone Densitometry Technologist