6 Chinese Recipes with Mushroom

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Shanghai dumplings, stir-fry dishes, chow mein, noodles, stinky tofu, and Dongpo pork. The list goes on and on and your choice of dishes in endless. Watch and learn to make amazing Chinese dishes and share with the people you love!Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup by Linda Anusasananan
1. Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup: a Chinese Classic
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This Sichuan classic tingles with a peppery bite, tempered with a mellow tang. Thin slivers of meat and vegetable contribute contrasting textures to this velvety soup. Watch this Grokker Premium video to see Hakka Chinese chef Linda Lau Anusasananan's demonstration of how to prepare Hot & Sour Soup.
2. Sweet & Sour Pork
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It goes great with rice. Perfect for Bento box. Perfect recipe for Chinese New Year, too
3. Chinese Egg Drop Soup
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Easy and quick How To video for Chinese Egg Drop Soup for Chinese New Year. Recipe by cookbook author Diana Kuan from her cookbook the Chinese Takeout Cookbook.
4. Clay-Roasted Chinese "Beggar's Chicken"
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While there are many versions of the ancient story of how this dish came about, it all stems from a beggar who stole a chicken and hid it in a mud bank by a river. Later he returned to retrieve it, but was so hungry that instead of cleaning up the mud, he decided to simply throw the mud encased chicken into the fire to cook. The mud around the chicken hardened in the heat of the fire, sealing in its juices and resulting in a delicious chicken. The Emperor, who was close by, smelled the wonderful aroma and walked to its source. The beggar shared his meal with the Emperor who was so impressed with the beggar's dish, that he made the beggar the Chef at the Imperial Palace. In this Grokker Premium video, part of the California Sensibilities series, Chef Alex will recreate this classic Chinese dish. Instead of stealing a chicken, he'll buy one, and demonstrate how to marinate it, stuff it with seasonal vegetables, wrap it in lotus leaves and clay, and then bake it in the oven. Chef Alex will also show you how to present the finished dish at the table in a manner sure to wow your guests. So join Chef Alex and learn how to prepare this delicious and memorable meal.
5. How To Cook Chinese Dumplings
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Learn how to completely make this Chinese Dumplings from making your own doe to making the vegetable and prawn filling mix. The doe can also be made Gluten-Free.
6. Special Fried Rice Recipe
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This is always a common and popular choice when ordering from a chinese menu and we thought we'd share our version of this favourite that you can recreate at home.
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