looking for food and smoothie suggesions
tlc tlc, Level 77
September 8
Martin Wood, Level 5
February 22, 2019

To add on, warm fluids are good for flushing out the infection. Also, probiotics are good to balance your gut especially if you have taken antibiotics. Herbs like echinacea, garlic and ginger can all be put into tea. I put extra garlic in my home made chicken soup (free range with bones) which has collagen (healthy protein).

Tara Bombardier, Level 5
January 10, 2019

I truly think for boosting immunity and limiting cold and flu's the best practice is just getting the cleanest food into you as possible and not worry too much about what kind. Eat all the greens- cooked, cold, salads, veggies, all of them! : )
I know me & my kids get sick less oven when we eliminate processed foods, and limit our sugar, and white grains & dairy.
Sipping lemon water, honey lemon tea, and pressed juices is great too!

Nettie Weston, Level 8
February 6, 2018

Any suggestions for boosting recovery from cold and flu? It is freezing out our way and everyone is cooped up, exchanging viruses. My searches online are bringing me conflicting information and advice, like not to eat dark leafy greens unless they are cooked down but yet eat a cold salad. It is so confusing! I just thought 'eat healthy' but are there certain foods that might invigorate someone those days after you've fought the cold or influenza? Thanks!

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