April 7, 2014

Should I favor using serrated or regular knives for my everyday knives?

Jude Morrissey, Level 26
Jude Morrissey
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Sarah Pugliaresi, Level 13
Sarah Pugliaresi16 points
April 7, 2014

I have found that in general a straight edge knife is best for chopping vegetables and cutting fruit, however, a serrated knife works much better for bread (like Louis said) and some waxy-skinned vegetables and fruits or those that are some soft on the inside. This is especially true with tomatoes and bell peppers in my experience.

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Louis Alley, Level 32
Louis Alley19 points
April 7, 2014

I know very little about cooking, but I do know:

1) Serrated works better for bread. For vegetables and a lot of other things though, I prefer a giant, straight-edge (sharp sharp shap!!)

2) Cutting technique: Keep the knife point on the cutting board and rotate the knife up and down to chop things.

3) Don't chop off your finger.

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Sage Russell, Level 9
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tlc tlc, Level 79
tlc tlc74 points
January 23

Here's a collection that you might enjoy :) https://grokker.com/cooking/collection/cooking-and-baking-technique/603ad570b356ab7d31b49206

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tlc tlc, Level 79
tlc tlc74 points
January 23

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