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Sage RussellFood and Travel WriterPersonal MissionA meal shared with good people is all you need. I travelled the globe, fell in love with great cuisine, and I am sharing them to inspire you and your cooking.Unique SpecialtyI love teaching the basics, demystifying the flavours and techniques of good cuisine. I want to inspire you and give you confidence to experiment with flavours.Other PassionsI love to talk to farmers about the best month for tomatoes or visiting the ranch where my eggs come from. In short, I love making food my destination.Website
Sage Russell is a food and travel writer, a private chef and a seeker of food culture. Born and raised in Colorado, Sage grew up in the kitchen, whether doing his homework or helping his mother prepare dinner. He first trained as an architect, moving to San Diego and teaching lighting design to university students. Ever passionate about food and disenchanted with America’s fast food culture, Sage took the initiative to travel the world in search of cooking knowledge and food culture. On his Food Pilgrimage, Sage talked his way into restaurant kitchens, hung out with home cooks and convinced chef’s and street food vendors to show him their secrets. In 2012, Sage wrote and illustrated the book “The Chef’s Way”, showing off his cooking tips and tricks from his travels. READ FULL BIO
Author The Chef's Way Cooking Tips and Tricks from my Food Pilgrimage Travels, 2012