6 Sauces & Condiments Recipes with Tomato

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
What makes a dish go to the next level and wow your family or guests? Sauces! Sauces and Condiments can bring so much flavor to your dishes. This is the place to find those sauces and condiments that will make your dish feel like it came out of a restaurant. Try them or share your own!Rose Petal Lamb Chops by Loyd Grossman
1. Rose Petal Lamb Chops by Sumayya Jamil
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In Round 1 of the Food Blogger Challenge, Sumayya Jamil shows us how to cook her amazing rose petal lamb chops. Making her own garam masala, using an exotic variety of spices including rose petals, these complex and delicious chops are perfect for any event. Join Loyd Grossman in this Grokker Premium Video as he tries Sumayya's original dish, in the first round of Grokker's Food Blogger Challenge. Remember to love this video below, if you would like to see Sumayya in the next round.
2. Greek-Style Chicken with Pickled Onions, Tomatoes, and Tzatziki
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Even though it's fall, I still enjoy eating bright, fresh (and dead simple) meals. Today's recipe for Greek chicken with quick pickles, tomatoes, and tzatziki takes just 35 minutes from start to finish and is filled with flavors that seem like they took hours to create -- what's better than that? While this dinner is delicious with rice, I also love serving it over a warm pita or flatbread. And remember to hold on to your leftovers for a tasty room-temperature lunch! Sarah's Tip of the Day: Soaking red onions in vinegar mellows their sharpness, leaving them spicy and slightly sweet.
3. The Best Guacamole
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This ingredient combination happens to be one of my favorite combos for a perfect guacamole.
4. Prawns with Romesco sauce
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Feast your eyes on this wonderfully rustic prawn dish. The sweet and piquant flavors of this romesco sauce are guaranteed to delight your palate. You can make plenty of the sauce and refrigerate it for later, it goes great with any type of grilled meat or fish. Join Food at 52’s cooking instructors John Bembow and Sage Russell as they share their special Romesco recipe in this Grokker Premium video.
5. Mr. Wah's Famous Barbecue Sauce
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BBQ Sauce with an Asian twist. Asian flavored and as spicy as you want it, this zesty BBQ sauce is perfect for grilling ribs, chicken, shrimp or steak. Chef Doc Ward shares this famous sauce recipe with Chinese 5-spice, black sesame seeds, and a unique deglazing technique using your favorite Cola. This Grokker Premium video has what you need for perfect BBQ success.
6. How to Make Tomato Sauce
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Why buy tomato sauce from the store when you can pack more flavor, have more herbs, and spices into your own homemade sauce? It's healthier because you know what ingredients are in it. Try making your own homemade sauce!
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