3 Vegetarian Vietnamese Recipes

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Do you love Asian flavors? Soy sauce, fish sauce, fresh exotic herbs? Beef stew? Pho?! Vietnamese cuisine has some of the freshest, homiest, and most flavorful noodle dishes in the entire world. Discover Vietnamese recipes right here and start cooking, Vietnamese style!How to Make Vegetable Pho : Asian Soup Recipes
1. How to Make Vegetable Pho : Asian Soup Recipes
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Ever wonder how to make Pho without the beef broth? Check this quick video on how to make vegetable Pho broth.
2. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
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One of the most popular dishes in Vietnamese cooking, and found on every street corner and restaurant in Saigon, rice paper rolls are a must try recipe. Once you have cooked these for the first time, they will be your "go-to" dinner party appetizer. Whether made with shrimp and pork or vegetarian, these are easy to make, fun to roll, and a great dish to get your guests involved with. Join Vietnamese Cuisine Chef Lewis Nguyen as he shows you how to make Rice Paper Rolls in this Grokker Premium video.
3. Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
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Ever wonder how to make the delicious Vietnamese Dipping sauce served with popular dishes like the Vietnamese Crepe (Banh Xeo) or Noodle Salad (Bún Chay)? It's called Nuoc Mam Cham. Well, follow these simple instructions and you got yourself a delicious dipping sauce!
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