7 Vietnamese Recipes with Carrot

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Do you love Asian flavors? Soy sauce, fish sauce, fresh exotic herbs? Beef stew? Pho?! Vietnamese cuisine has some of the freshest, homiest, and most flavorful noodle dishes in the entire world. Discover Vietnamese recipes right here and start cooking, Vietnamese style!Vietnamese Squid Salad by Lewis Nguyen
1. Vietnamese Squid Salad
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Vietnamese squid salad is an absolute classic, with all of the most authentic Vietnamese flavors coming through. From the tartness of the dressing, to the sweetness of the carrots, and the wonderful flavor of the squid, this dish is perfectly balanced for any summer dinner party. Join Lewis Nguyen and his Mum in this Grokker Premium Video, as they shares some of their own family's Vietnamese secrets.
2. Shrimp Banh Mi Burger
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If you didn't think shrimp could be made into a delicious burger, think again!
3. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
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One of the most popular dishes in Vietnamese cooking, and found on every street corner and restaurant in Saigon, rice paper rolls are a must try recipe. Once you have cooked these for the first time, they will be your "go-to" dinner party appetizer. Whether made with shrimp and pork or vegetarian, these are easy to make, fun to roll, and a great dish to get your guests involved with. Join Vietnamese Cuisine Chef Lewis Nguyen as he shows you how to make Rice Paper Rolls in this Grokker Premium video.
4. Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad
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This recipe is for a delicious Vietnamese beef noodle salad called Bun bo Nam bo or Bun bo xoa and is simple, healthy, and fresh.
5. Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich
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The Vietnamese Sandwich is one of my favorite dishes. I used to get this at a local place for only a dollar. It's surprising how much they can run for now. Well, here I teach you how to make it, for simply the price of the ingredients! Today we're making the crowd favorite, grilled pork, or Banh Mi Thit Nuong.
6. Vietnamese Beef Stew Recipe - Bo Kho
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Vietnamese Beef Stew Recipe -- Bo Kho - Learn how to make bo kho, a Vietnamese cooking recipe. Bo Kho is a great comfort food! Four easy steps and you'll have a wonderful Vietnamese dish.
7. Pho Chay - Vietnamese Vegan Noodle Soup
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Pho Chay, a perfect marriage between Vegan and the most popular Vietnamese dish today, Pho. Now you can enjoy a healthy homemade Pho.
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