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Keith JohnsonFitness Instructor - Los Angeles, CAPersonal MissionFulfilling my duties and helping others through fitness by being an inspirational leader.Unique SpecialtyEat healthy and exercise - it's hard to go wrong with that. Keep it simple!Other PassionsFamily and traveling
My Interest for fitness started at a young age- not so much in sports but I always admired the guys I saw on fitness magazines and I aspired to be like that. I began training myself at the age of 15. One day, I decided to check out a group fitness class thinking it was going to be an "easy" workout and it ended up being the greatest workout of my life. I went every week for months. The instructor told me I should get certified to teach, but I ended up getting certified as a personal trainer instead. My passion for helping people continually has grown by the year. It was then that I realized that being functional and having mobility was more important to me than being the strongest person in the gym. Being a Personal Trainer and group exercise director has helped me grow and has evolved the way I view exercise all together. It's helped me become more of an innovative leader - getting people the MOST results in the quickest time possible. My programs around high intensity 10-30 min workouts where we achieve flexibility, strength, and cardio in EVERY workout! Now we can look good and feel great! READ FULL BIO
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