Keith Lazarus
Keith Lazarus, Level 2
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Keith LazarusMovement Practitioner - Musculoskeletal Expert - Personal Trainer - LondonPersonal MissionTo help people live long, healthy and happy lives where fitness becomes a lifestyle choice that helps to simply move and sustain a healthy mind and body.Unique SpecialtyPhysical observation where I can swiftly identify your issues and help you to move your body correctly.Other PassionsMeditation, wellbeing, and conscious awareness.Website
Keith’s work focuses on the whole person and adopts a specific bespoke approach to personal fitness depending on your need. He covers several areas including injury, pain, posture and balance, self-awareness and sensory improvement, enhanced function and coordination and general fitness and performance. His training methods usually start with corrective exercises that are influenced by Osteopathic manual therapy of mobilization and manipulation, FRC principles, ELDOA techniques, and movement techniques. Adopting a long-term approach to fitness enables your corrective training to lead to peak performance, keeping your body at its optimum. Keith’s health improvement journey started many years ago after sustaining a knee injury whilst playing professional level football. Opting for a training recovery programme that focused on vitality and long term recovery, he decided to educate and train himself back to full health. He realized that the human body is delicate, complex and unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to training. He decided at this point in his life that he wanted to share his learning with others which witnessed the birth of his mission. Keith believes that his clients are their own best trainers as they will know their bodies best. This means that his practical, solution focused, train the trainer style aims to empower others to take full ownership of their health by providing sessions that inspire, challenge and reward hard work, dedication and commitment.READ FULL BIO
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Personal Trainer, Level 3
ELDOA Practitioner, Level 3
Certified FRC Mobility Specialist Functional Range Release
Sports Massage, Level 5 North London School of Sports Massage
Animal Flow Certified
Certified TRX Trainer