Grokker Series Calndars
Victoria Martinet
February 21, 2016

I love that Grokker has designed workout series so that i can workout hard. But i am lazy in that i don't want to have to think about which workout to do on which day. I have done Sarah Krusch's Get Tight in 28 series and some how found a calendar on the Grokker site for this series.

My question is - Are there calendars for all of the Grokker Sereis? And if they do exist, where on the Grokker site where they can be found?

I am specfically intrested in finding the calendar for Sarah Krusch's new 6 week workout series and the Pace & Go team's 5 Intensity workout.

Thanks for any help that anyone can give.

p.s. sorry for any spelling errors. im a bad speller and typist and there is no spell check for this forum :(

February 23, 2016

Victoria Martinet Great question! We are excited that this week we will have calendars available for our calenderized series (Not all series have schedules, but some do). We had them previously available but due to some exciting upgrades to our site, we had to take them down for the moment. By the end of the week you will find them on the series pages ( of X5 and Sarah Kusch, to name just a few!

Victoria Martinet
February 23, 2016

Thanks Mark. That's very helpful.

Laura Chiesa
July 24, 2016


I just signed up for Grokker as I wanted to try the Pace & Go x5 series. I saw that on their page there is a calendar to download (which is very helpful so thank you for that :) ). I also like the schedule feature on your website.

Is there/will there be a way to automatically import the series calender into the personal schedule so that we get the reminders and the tracking? I have tried to do it manually but some workouts are repeated multiple times within the series (see the Cardio warmup, cardio cooldown, and every week the cardio workout for that week is done twice) and I cannot seem to schedule them twice (I get a message box telling me that the workout has already been scheduled).

Thank you,


Chelsea Salvador
July 25, 2016

Laura Chiesa welcome to Grokker!! Unfortunately we do not currently offer a way to export the workout calendar, my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause for you. I'll go ahead and pass this input along to our team and see what we can do in the future!

Tammy Clarke
August 10, 2016

I would like this feature, too. I am doing a 6 week program and it would be great to just have it all populated in my Grokker calendar. :)

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