Leg cramps - Charlie, the horse is not leaving
October 12, 2018

How do you fitness gurus deal with reoccuring leg / calf cramps that never really want to leave? I used to have problems with this 30 years ago when I was pregnant, but then they went away. Now at 60 they're back with a ferocity that's mind boggling. I don't get them at night or when I work out. They sneak up during daily activities like walking down the stairs or yard work. I've tried stretching, massaging, yoga-tune up balls, CBD gel, heat and ice, telling them stupid jokes for distraction, but nothing works. Any other ideas? I do have an appointment for acupuncture in a couple of weeks. Oh, and nutrition is really not a factor, either. I log all my foods on www.cronometer.com and am getting all micronutrients. No junkfood here. Am I just getting old???? :)

November 20, 2018

Haha! Yeah, pesky cramps can show up from a number of deficiencies:

Hydration - Circulation - Flexibility - Strength

Especially as age advances, hydration with electrolytes (potassium/magnesium) is always a priority for minimizing cramps. Stretching and strengthening the target area is also effective for keeping your muscles ready for your daily ranges of motion.

Frequency is more important than intensity and expert Angelo Dela Cruz is launching a new series "5 to Thrive" soon where you can get your blood moving daily in just 5 minutes and increase your mobility long term. Other series that come to mind are Jaime McFaden's Let's Get Moving and Kelly Lee's Back to Basics which are mostly body weight based and low impact.

I used to get hip cramps mostly when sprinting in sports, but weight training my hip adductors with squats/lunges/extensions really made a difference now even 10 years after I started getting them!

November 21, 2018

Thanks Martin! Good advice! I've signed up for Angelo Dela Cruz's new series and my Accupuncturist gave me some Standard Cataplex F and calcium lactate that did the trick. I do Jon Stratford's Dynamic Warmup every morning, but probably didn't stretch enough before hiking. I'll check those other two videos out as well. Thanks again!

November 29, 2018

Interesting. I haven't heard of using calcium lactate for cramps. Neutralizing lactic acid does make sense. A foam roller comes to mind for that as well. Also, I haven't tried Jon's Dynamic Warmup. Will try it out right now before gym! Thanks!


This could be magnesium deficiency: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/magnesium-deficiency-symptoms . I started taking magnesium because of cramps and haven't had any cramps since. Magnesium bath salts and magnesium gel are good options, because you can increase your magnesium levels faster than by using oral supplements (which cause GI problems for many people).

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