1. Pilates is perfect for men of all fitness levels - from the couch potato to the performance athletes and will adapt easily to your fitness needs.

2. The core focused work in Pilates will enhance every other athletic endeavor you do. Running, weight training, football, biking etc - Pilates will enhance your skill level dramatically.

3. Pilates workouts are performed with zero equipment (other than a Pilates mat) and can be practiced anywhere and anytime. They are super convenient and accessible for even the busiest of schedules.

4. Pilates improves posture. By building a strong balanced core you support your spine and help prevent your upper body from slumping forward and cutting off your breath. You'll have much more energy because you're not always having to fight gravity.

5. Pilates is a fantastic way for men to increase flexibility in their legs, back, hips and shoulders while still getting a full body workout. More flexibility leads to better body control, faster recovery time and greater range of motion.