June 11

This might sound silly, but how can I reduce the amount of 'chin fat' around my jaw?

RICKY De Los Angeles
RICKY De Los Angeles
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Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron96 points
June 12

Hi RICKY De Los Angeles. Thanks for the question. A double-chin is essentially an extra compartment of fat. From my understanding, like other areas of fat in the body, you cannot "spot reduce". But with a combination of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, you can reduce your overall body fat, which can then help reduce any wobbly bits. You may want to look into Chris Mohr's 21-Day Nutrition program as a good start to a healthy diet. Or you may think about joining a fitness program that focuses on overall body fitness. Check out this program by Sarah Kusch: https://grokker.com/fitness/interval-training-hiit/program/get-tight-in-28-with-sarah-kusch/5501c578d55df4db0c7459e4. I hope this helps!

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Chris Mohr
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