Take Your Exercise With You This Memorial Day Weekend
By Mark Luskus

When we travel it’s easy to let our exercise routines fall to the wayside. We tell ourselves that it’s ok to break from our routine for a few days and that we’ll be able to jump right back into it. I’m sorry to tell you that this is the perfect way to wreck your entire exercise regimen, and I’m speaking from a lot of experience. Exercise is a healthy habit that you cultivate over time, and breaking that habit, even just for a few days, can put you right back at square one.

If you’re traveling this Memorial Day Weekend I have some great tips for how you can exercise on the go. With a little bit of planning, flexibility, and access to hundreds of exercise videos on Grokker, you’ll be able to keep your routine on track and continue your journey to better health and wellness.

1. Set aside time to exercise

If your holiday weekend is packed it’s important to plan ahead and make time to exercise. If you always do yoga after lunch but your holiday plans have you booked all afternoon, how about doing yoga in the morning or in the evening?

Before you leave, look at your calendar and decide when you will dedicate time for your workout. If you find that the morning is best, ttry this energizing yoga series from Siri Peterson. If you can only find time in the evening, these restorative yoga videoswill prepare you for a deep and restful slumber.

2. Find exercises that don’t require equipment

Gyms are hard to find while you’re traveling, so If your typical exercise regimen involves equipment, you’ll have to mix things up a bit. But don’t worry; there are plenty of workouts that will kick your butt without any equipment needed!

If you’re looking to get some good cardio in, I recommend a cardio kickboxing class. If your fitness goals are focused on strength building, a body weight only high intensity interval training class is just what you need.

3. Do short but effective workouts

A workout doesn’t need be long to be effective. If done correctly, all you need is 30 minutes or less to get your blood pumping. And the shorter a workout is, the more difficult it is to find excuses to not do it.

Here are lists of yoga routines and workouts that are less than 30 minutes. I guarantee that each one will challenge you!

4. Get your friends and family to join you

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to nurture and develop your relationships with friends and family, so breaking away from everyone to do a workout can seem like a drag. Instead of working out alone, how about making it a group activity? Exercise is more fun when you do it with the people you care about, and it’s a great way to get your loved ones to start developing their own exercise regimens.

Pick a workout that’s good for all skill levels. Some of my favorites are Yin Yoga with Matece Skow, which doesn’t even require a yoga mat, and Upper Body Basics with Le Jon Guillory..

I hope these tips helps you stay fit while you’re on the go. And if you have trouble keeping up with your workouts this Memorial Day weekend, don’t worry. The Grokker community will always be here to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals!