Get Your Play on this Labor Day!

No Labor Day celebration is complete without at least a taste of competition. Whether it be a laid back game of bocce ball or a more exerting bout of ultimate frisbee, anyone can get behind joining in some friendly play under the summer sun! Here are a few tips and suggestions for organizing some good old fashioned fun this holiday.

The more the merrier

Regardless of the game, 2 on 2 is always more fun than 1 on 1. Be sure to include as many people as possible into your game. Even for traditional one on one games like ping-pong, you can include anyone who wants to play by drawing up brackets and making a tournament out of it. If you feel like you don’t have enough players don’t be afraid to invite over the neighbors. They’re more likely than not to want to join in the fun!

Cater the game to your group

You may have been a starting varsity athlete in high-school, but you can’t just assume that everyone else is on the same level. Gauge your group and determine what will work for even the least athletically inclined. For example if you have a few young nieces and nephews in town, try a less demanding game of kickball in the park to keep everyone involved. On the other hand, if you’ve got an athletic group don’t be afraid to get active and burn serious calories with a fast paced game of touch football or soccer.

Not the competitive type, no problem!

Completely turned off by the idea of competition? That’s perfectly fine! You can still stay active with your friends by trying out a new workout or yoga practice together. Don’t be afraid of switching it up and trying something more adventurous like a yoga inversion or an Ultimate Mud Runner workout!

So however you decide to celebrate, be sure to try and get a game together. Not only is it clean fun for the whole group, but it’ll make you feel a whole lot better about the barbecue and drinks you’re about to enjoy right after!