We all have those days where we can’t get away at lunchtime for even a walk or maybe your boss values “face time” too much to ever let that happen. Here are 4 tips I’ve found to help you fit in some exercise while stuck in the office.

Toning from your office chair

Verily magazine shows us that it’s possible to tone your tummy and glutes right from your office chair. With exercises called the “desk chair non-wall-sit” and the “I-need-to-adjust-my-monitor-air-squat” your colleagues may not even notice! There are even dozens of active desk chairs which will engage your core while you sit.

Yoga at your desk

While these suggestions from MindBodyGreen will likely attract some attention, you can do these poses at your desk . And even taking just a few minutes to release some tension and open up the muscles in the neck, chest and throat area will help your communications.

Guided meditation

Ok, it’s not a workout for you body, but it is for your mind. Mindful meditation is useful for relieving stress if you can’t get to a workout. And listening to a guided meditation is something you can easily do at your desk or in a quiet conference room.

Lunchtime recreation

Often by lunchtime we can convince ourselves that we actually need that extra afternoon coffee. But, try switching out that cup o’ joe for a quick pick-me-up workout during your lunch break. You’ll find yourself more energized and able to focus on finishing out the rest of your day.

What tips do you have for fitting some exercise in while at the office? Share your favorites in the forum.

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