I am passionate about the practice of meditation, because it has helped me become much more mindful and present. Mindfulness has enabled me to become less reactive, more focused and much more compassionate, creative, grateful and joyful.

Some people think that meditation might be some kind of freaky activity that messes with your head or causes you to be oddly different from normal people, but none of this is true. Meditation simply opens your heart and mind to the beauty of what you already have, and this awareness is the essence of meditation. So how does meditation work exactly? Here are a few of the ways.

Meditation quiets your ego

There is a voice in your head (that Hustler known as your ego), which is a lot like a really obnoxious roommate who incessantly blathers, blames, complains, gossips, screams, cries, and runs a repetitive and relentless inner dialogue that keeps you from being present. Rather than getting caught up in the Hustler’s inner-dialogue and commentary, analyzing the past or worrying about the future, mindfulness through meditation calms the hustler down and enables you to be present to a feeling, a thought or a situation, without being overwhelmed by it.

Meditation creates space between you and your thoughts

Instead of constantly editing the story in your head and reacting unconsciously, you can step back, create a little bit of space between you and your thoughts (especially negative thoughts), and simply let your thoughts happen. This process creates a small gap that helps you respond from a calm and peaceful place. In this way, meditation helps to keep the voice in your head from running amok and creating a lot of havoc in your life. Being mindful doesn’t necessarily make the thoughts go away, but it does help you reduce your attachment to those thoughts.

Meditation helps you deal with your problems more effectively

Meditation is not going to solve all of your problems, but it will help you deal with them more effectively, by knowing that your thoughts, emotions and feelings are simply ripples on the surface of awareness. Mindfulness enables you to respond, rather than react, to external stimuli, giving you more focus, and helping you to be more calm and composed. Mindfulness is always available to you, when you can simply breathe in and realize that you are that you are alive. After all, the greatest miracle is to still be alive, and with practice you can rejoice in being alive and present, rather than feeling trapped, reactive and powerless.

Meditation allows you to explore yourself

You know, we humans are exceptionally inquisitive, adventuresome creatures, and we have explored most of our continents, small parts of the oceans and a tiny bit of the heavens. The next great wave of human exploration is already underway – this is the exploration of our own minds, which have all of the complexity of the entire physical universe and are the gateway for the evolution of our souls.

You can live joyfully, right here and now, with compassion and gratitude, when you quiet your mind and allow it to settle into your heart.

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