November 9, 2021

Sustainable Weight Loss: Share your own experience and questions.

Chris Mohr, Level 11
Chris Mohr
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Responses (12)
Fred Park, Level 12
Fred Park8 points
November 9, 2021

Hi all! I watched the first episode, felt very practical and "sustainable". Love the way you guys present the information it's very encouraging and a new way to look at weightloss. I've been on my own weightloss journey, but approaching weightloss not as a goal but as a byproduct of moving more and eating more healthily, which in turn has helped me have more energy, strength and mobility with losing weight as a nice benefit :D Looking forward to more of the episodes and how it can help me progress more!

Kelly Heuer, Level 67
Kelly Heuer4 points
November 11, 2021

Just watched the video and will download the guide next. I am approaching this slowly with the holidays coming up, to be realistic about my expectations. Hoping for a half pound a week for now!

Samantha Ko, Level 45
Samantha Ko7 points
November 11, 2021

pretty new to the program, but i really appreciate the holistic approach that drs mohr emphasize.

no body shaming, only good vibes! looking forward to doing this program with you

Chris Kurose, Level 53
Chris Kurose5 points
November 9, 2021

Hi everyone! It's so great to be here with a support community for this big undertaking! For my part I'm part way through a weight loss journey I began earlier this year, and I'm making progress but keep plateauing and getting stuck. I was able to lose 5 pounds by eating healthier, then hit a plateau. I made more progress when I was able to start going to the gym over the summer and lost another 10 pounds, but now I'm at another plateau. It's probably my last 5-10 pounds that I want to lose so it's the hardest, but hoping this program will help unlock the next level for me!

Shari Lindsley, Level 22
Shari Lindsley3 points
November 23, 2021

I am working on building a sustainable lifestyle. I am still tryin to find ways to keep my head in the game when I am showing a couple pounds up. I also know from experience, if I don't weigh myself regularly, I tend to gain weight.... so I am trying to track and stop the gain now instead of 40 pounds from now. I was losing weight and am 40 pounds down from my highest, and then - COVID hit. March 2020, my mom (who I am a caregiver for) and myself got so ill.... Mom almost died and since then, all weight loss has stopped. I had been trying to do keto and low carb to no avail. My new strategy is that I am trying to do the actions every day that will make weight loss happen. Track food, get that exercise in. Trying to have a better sleep life...

tlc tlc, Level 80
tlc tlc74 points
November 10, 2021

Hi - I would be so grateful if Doctors Mohr might please find a way (maybe in a future Grokker video/program) to explain more precise mechanics of exercise physiology - i.e, the impact of cardio/strengthtraining/stretching/mobility on the body over time. I say this as a Grokker user who often reads the comments left by other Grokker users on Grokker's fitness/yoga videos. Time after time, I read that Grokker users are confused about why their arms or abs or other single body parts aren't getting smaller despite doing Grokker videos for those select body parts many times. Might it please be possible for the two Doctors Mohr to clearly explain to the Grokker community that spot reducing isn't biologically possible, and that it takes a combination of cardio/strengthtraining/HIIT AND A HEALTHY DIET to reduce the body overall without seeing only one particular body part diminish? I think that if the Doctors Mohr might find the way to produce this sort of video, it would go a long way toward reducing frustration and confusion among Grokker users. THANK YOU for terrific videos! :)

Fred Park, Level 12
Fred Park8 points
November 22, 2021

Looking forward to the upcoming Q&A session with the Mohr's!

Andrea Bussard, Level 12
Andrea Bussard1 point
January 11, 2023

I think the missing piece surrounding weight loss for me was my mindset in previous attempts. I would whiteknuckle it on willpower and perfectionism, only to have set myself up for failure and quit. What's really helped me now is establishing a loving curiosity for myself in finding out why I do choose to comfort with food. Loving myself and my body in this moment is also important since it's almost impossible to lose weight hating yourself( believe me I tried it all). I'd invite you to dig into your current beliefs about yourself, and think about your socialization of where they came from. Diet Culture and the need to be smaller is very much a societal norm, but not necesarily healthy for our mindset if we dont meet that beauty standard. The trick is that you get to decide what's beautiful to you. That's you.

Olga Frias-Basta, Level 44
Olga Frias-Basta0 points
January 4, 2023

Love the idea of "gamifying" weight loss! I'm all about gadgets and love monitoring the changes.

Rebecca F, Level 13
Rebecca F0 points
January 4, 2023

I started my journey this year by letting my sister know my weight, which was a big step! I did so in order to be held accountable for working towards my goal, which is to lose and keep off at least 1 pould per week. While my goal does not seem that major when I look at it like that, it is a weekly babystep that will help me obtain my big step - my ultimate weight goal! So excited for this program as it will be additional motiviation. Looking forard to participating with a "group" and the Doctors' help!

Heather Powell, Level 50
Heather Powell0 points
January 3, 2023

Drink 8 oz of water every hour. Set an alarm! I use an 8 oz cup and make a chicken scratch once I finish the cup and then count the cups at the end of the day! I also track my extra activities... raking leaves, shoveling snow, walking more, etc.

November 12, 2022

I just watched video one, it's been a bumpy year with lots of changes. I've let go of some of my healthy habits and am hoping to embrace them again. I'm hoping to lose .5-1 pound a week. I do really well and am disciplined during the week, but I feel like I lose all my progress on the weekends. The unstructured schedule throws me.

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