Sonia Doubell
Sonia Doubell, Level 8
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Sonia DoubellPersonal MissionI believe the Power of Yoga can help us reconnect with our body and mind and teach us to listen to the calling in our hearts. It's my gift to share it. NamasteUnique Specialty“Moving Energy” yoga restores optimum health and well-being. If you need to free tension from both body and mind, this style of yoga is magic.Other PassionsI am passionate about poetry, I love painting and Photography. All are a way of capturing moments, feelings and life. Dancing is another one of my passions!Website
Sonia found “Moving Energy” Yoga, the style of yoga she teaches, to be an integration of all she learned on and off the mat over the past 12 years. “Moving Energy” yoga restores optimum health and well-being, freeing tension from both body and mind.READ FULL BIO
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Yoga for Tension Relief
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Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher
Nuero-Linguistic Programming Instructor
Accupressure Mastery
Yoga Nidra Instructor
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