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Tanya FitzpatrickSomatic Movement Educator and Yoga Teacher - London, UKPersonal MissionTo educate as many people as I can to move without pain, to move the way they want & age successfully. To spread the work of Somatic Movement world wide.Unique SpecialtyEducator in neuro-muscular retraining, biomechanics, muscular-skeletal conditions, embodied anatomy, yoga, teacher training in somatic movement and yoga.Other PassionsTravelling & culture. As a vegetarian I'm passionate about food. Cinema, photography, music, art, dancing, surfing, snowboarding & cross fit are all favourites.
Tanya Fitzpatrick has been teaching movement since 1999. She has trained thousands of students to move without pain & is regarded as one of UK’s leading Movement Educators. Her experience has helped her clients to move in ways they never thought possible. As a teacher, Tanya transforms her groups through effective & powerful training, enabling them to reach their full movement potential. She shares high quality content with a commitment to integrity & excellence with a contagious sense of fun.READ FULL BIO
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Freedom from Pain
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Somatic Movement Educator School of Body Mind Centering
Advanced Yoga Trainer Yoga Therapy Ireland
Director Align Somatics
Certified Hanna Somatic Educator
Embodied Yoga & Anatomy School of Body Mind Centering