Goal is to strengthen and tone.
Louise Cowburn, Level 44

Looking to strengthen and tone for my wedding in August - any suggestions please! I am a beginner yogi but advanced in terms of cardio and probably intermediate strength.

Tim Iagulli, Level 72
March 20

Work up to Power Yoga: Oneself by Mark Gonzales.

Martin Wood, Level 9
March 22

If you're looking for noticeable "strength and tone" results on a short timeline (August), my first recommendation would be to try out some of Sarah Kusch's HIIT Afterburn videos. These are no cakewalk, but they are instant challenges and are primarily body weight, but the dumbells give you a little resistance which promote lean strength.

As a beginner yogi, it is best to focus on developing flexibility, mobility, form and breathing practice before jumping into advanced power/baptiste workouts (the ones that tone).

If you want a short timeline you will get more bang for your buck with low impact, cardio workouts. I would still throw in some yoga workouts in between to keep you centered. The short term benefits of Yoga will be more flexibility and joint health

HIIT Bodyweight Strength

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