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amber stefani, Level 24
October 18, 2015

hello yogies, I have been practicing yoga on and off for about a year. I am finding my wrists are becomming very painful. Has any one used any good wrist supports like WAGS from the USA as I live in the UK. Thanks, Amber

Eduardo ...., Level 61
February 5, 2016

I too have trouble with my wrist.

Nancy Tuttle, Level 86
February 7, 2016

Have you tried wrist strengthening exercises? I had problems with my wrists when I first began practicing yoga, but warming up with simple wrist exercises, like Yoga with Adriene or Siri Petersen suggest, over a period of time reduced my problem significantly. Now I don't need props or support. Doing them daily has been very beneficial. Try entering 'wrists' and see what works for you.

Sweet Demise, Level 64
March 3, 2016

@amber stefani

I started practicing yoga in Oct 2015, because I had lost complete strength and flexibility in my body. My wrists used to hurt in even basic postures like plank pose. So I brought wrist support from Walmart, which is supposed to help relieve and rehabilitate carpal tunnel syndrome and sore & aching wrists. I didn't have carpal tunnel, but brough it anyway.

I wore it every time I practiced yoga. Then after about 4 months, I thought to try my practice without them, and realized that I didn't need them anymore. By practicing yoga regularly, I guess my wrists had naturally become stronger. Now I can go through even 45-60 min vinyasa flows without any pain.

Basically for me, the support helped take away some of the weight/pressure off my wrists. So during the first 4 months, I was able to continue practicing yoga practice without any wrist pain, and was building strength in the wrists at the same time. I am not sure if it will work for you the same way it did me, as every one is different. But it is definately worth a try :-)

The brand I purchased was - Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support specifically for women. I tried a couple, and found this to be the most comfortable.

Siri Peterson Cavanna, Level 11

Hi everybody, these techniques work for a lot of people, and they worked for me. After breaking my wrist, I couldn't weight bear for 4 years until I applied these exercises. Give them a try...
Wrist Therapeutics


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Emma Thomas, Level 8
August 2, 2016

@Sweet Demise - Thank you for the tip for painful wrists. I suffer from painful wrists too, and I find I'm at your beginning and can't hold even a plank for long let alone do push-ups (especially the ones where your elbows are supposed to graze your ribs).

On taking a look at Google for the supports you used, they look very stiff - almost like plaster holds you when you've broken a bone. Can you describe them a little more and how they work? If they can help me strengthen up for my yoga I'm very excited to give them a try! :)

Emma Thomas, Level 8
August 2, 2016

@Siri Peterson Cavanna - I will try these too!

Sweet Demise, Level 64
October 25, 2016

Emma Thomas - Sorry for the delay in responding. For some reason the tagging feature did not work when you tried to tag me. So I did not get a notification of being included in your conversation.

To answer your question - Yes, the wrist supports are stiff. Some more stiff than others. The one I used was about mid-range. With that I had some flexibility with moving my wrists. If you get a very stiff one, it won't be easy or comfortable for you to practice yoga with.

The wrist support itself did not make my wrists stronger, but regular yoga practice did. The supports just helped me go through downward dog, plank pose etc. in the initial stages, when my wrists couldn't fully support the pose.

I however do suggest that you also work on the Wrist Theraputics suggested by Siri Peterson Cavanna. She is an amazing instructor, and I am almost certain it will help you. I wasn't aware of this class when I first started, or else I would have definitely practiced it then.

Ashley Hunter, Level 5
December 28, 2016

Thanks everyone for sharing!

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