4 Ways Kundalini Yoga Will Change Your Life

I love yoga and have fully embraced it as an important component of my mental and physical wellness regimen. However, I have always shied away from the more spiritual aspects of yoga. Whenever the words chakra and prana are mentioned, I tended to zone out and stop paying attention.

Recently, my favorite yoga instructor introduced me to Kundalini yoga, a practice that aims to awaken spiritual energy through the spine. Although I’ll always be a bit wary of spiritually based yoga practices, I am seeing there is so much that one can gain! I want to share with you 4 ways that Kundalini yoga can change your life, because I’m so excited about how it’s changing mine.

Improve your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to monitor emotions and label and respond to them appropriately. Kundalini yoga helps develop your intuitive mind because so much of the practice is about connecting with yourself and learning to listen to yourself. Why is emotional intelligence important you ask? People that score highly on emotional intelligence exams enjoy greater mental health and success than the average person.

Enhance your memory

I’ve always been a forgetful person, to the point that I have a sign on my front door reminding me to lock it when I leave the house. So when I learned that Kundalini yoga improves memory, I was thrilled. Although scientists don’t know exactly why Kundalini yoga improves memory, they hypothesize that it increases blood flow to portions of the brain that are important for memory.

Expand lung capacity

A Kundalini practice is full of a wide array of breathing exercises that will expand your lung capacity over time. Lung capacity is directly related to vitality and cardiovascular health, so an improvement in lung capacity will yield immediate health benefits. Additionally, lung capacity decreases as you age, so it’s important to do activities that will maintain and improve your lung capacity!

Deep relaxation

Kundalini Yoga’s use of deep breathing, meditation, and calming postures instills a deep sense of relaxation in those that practice it. Prolonged relaxation has numerous health benefits, which includes improving heart health, reducing stress, and helping you adhere to healthy eating.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in Kundalini! If so, get started with Grokker. There are some great Kundalini yoga videos that will start transforming your life today.

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