Even for us yogis, traveling to and from work can be a frantic, stressful and exhausting experience. Rush hour traffic, swarms of people, and overcrowded public transportation take their toll on us energetically affecting the way the rest of our day unfolds.

Here are some techniques and tips to connect back to your balanced and blissful yoga mind during your commute. Take your commute from “Ugh!” to “Ohm…” ;-)

1. Meditate for 5 minutes.

You don’t have to sit for hours to receive some of the soothing benefits of meditation. Before you head out, simply set aside 2-5 minutes to sit and connect with your breath. Calming our breath before we leave home or work gives us a level mind prepared to handle chaos with grace.

2. Continue to Breathe Deeply.

In stressful moments on the road or in the subway car, our breath can become short and choppy, sending our nervous out of control. Extend your exhales to naturally create space in your lungs. Allowing you to effortlessly fill up with more of that oh so good O2. Bring your deep breath into an equal rhythm of inhales and exhales, signaling to your body and mind that it is OK to relax.

3. Use a Mantra.

“Let Go” is a favorite mantra passed on to me from several beloved teachers. Using this mantra is simple: as you inhale, silently say, “Let” and as you exhale, silently say, “Go.” Continue on and notice your anxieties melt away.

4. Visualize Space.

Please note: Only employ this technique if you are not operating a vehicle! Close your eyes and fill your mind with an image of a wide-open field and clear sky. Get specific about the vision. What colors do you see? Who is there? What sounds do you hear? Get completely immersed in the experience and transcend the confines of the crowded subway car.

5. Practice Directing your Breath.

Have your travels inflicted pounding temples, cramping calves or a turning stomach? Focus on and isolate one area of discomfort at a time and practice breathing into this space. Allowing your breath to massage out any tension.

I hope these tips help you to bring some Zen and joy to your daily commute. If you use any alternative techniques please feel free to share them below!

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